The Fresh Earth Launch Post

Notes in 2016: There were a collection of these posts in my archives, most updating friends of progress, being eternally grateful, and everything like that. I’ve just included the first in this collection. As someone not invested in the product back in 2013, these won’t mean much to you and are probably really fucking boring.


22 March, 2014


Getting You Up To Speed


So here we are, the day of the website launch. A lot of the people viewing this are going to be my personal friends, and I want to thank you guys for taking the time to check this out. I know I’ve got a long way to go, your support is going to keep me motivated and it’s going to be the major player in getting Fresh Earth Apparel the exposure it needs. Seriously, thanks guys.


But enough of that, let’s talk about the business I’ve been keeping under wraps for the past 6 months.


In August, I donated my birthday to Charity Water. It was an empowering experience, I was absolutely stoked to see how generous my friends were and to feel like we were making a difference somewhere in the world. I got hooked.


I wanted to find a fun way to bring money to causes, that mattered, and at the same time share my other love: travel. When I was in Europe I was inspired by some of the awesome people that I met, and the way absolute strangers could be so generous. I believe that having a positive travel experience can be eye opening and a cultural exchange that makes you into a better person.


Meet Fresh Earth Apparel: sharing our world and helping our world. It’s been a long road of tracking down clothing suppliers, designers, and general collaborators. Building the site, figuring out margins and preparing everything has been taxing, but I think we’re ready to hit the ground running. The month of March has been hectic with everything seeming to fall into place all at once.


You can expect a lot of development in the next few weeks. Our designers are wrapping up their submissions, and we’ll have them proudly on display soon. Since there is only so much I can manage to do out of pocket, we’re going to see a preorder in April, along with our official launch. We’re going to have shirts in your hands before May comes along, and there are a couple giveaways planned too! From here, we’ve got some retail locations scoped out to pitch our product too, and a second cause in our sights for a summer release.


I’m stoked to see the pace that everything is moving along at, and so proud of all of our supporters. Really, not a single share goes unnoticed, I appreciate you all. Keep on reaching out with your ideas and kind words, stay awesome folks.


With love,




This post is a part of a hidden collection about a charity centred business I launched in 2013/14. The home post is here.