Fresh Earth Apparels Inaugural Shirts, and Copy

With the launch of Fresh Earth Apparel, a campaign to “Save Our Mountains” was run, working with The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society to make conservation efforts in The Canadian Rocky Mountains. Three t-shirt designs were released available in 2 mens colours and 2 ladies colours.

swiss dark

Swiss Design Tee


The mountains offer us peace and tranquility. Swiss grid design emphasizes minimalism and serenity. Adam Boven designed this shirt as an homage to life in the mountains. Breathe in, breath out.

Available in Charcoal Grey or Silver

50% of proceeds from the Swiss Design Tee will go to maintaining and protecting our happy place: The Canadian Rockies.

bearstuff greens

Classic Bearstuff Tee

The Grizzly Bear is arguably the coolest animal to roam Canada’s wilderness. They’re top of the food chain- and sadly a threatened species because of human activities. RTVA designed the Classic Bearstuff Tee as an offering to these humble Rocky Mountain Kings.

Available in Forest Green or Charcoal Grey

50% of proceeds from this shirt will work to protect the Grizzly Bear and its kingdom.



beaming shirt blue

Mountains Are Calling Tee

Inspired by one of the earliest advocates for environmentalism, John Muir, the Mountains Are Calling Tee embodies your love for the Rocky Mountains. Wear it as a statement: “Canada’s Rockies are where I truly belong”

Navy Blue or Charcoal Grey

50% of proceeds from this shirt will fund efforts protecting our Rocky Mountains.


Notes from 2016: With the business closure production of the tees by the guest designers came to a full stop. However, the Mountains are Calling design is still available to be printed across various merchandise on my Redbubble account, with 50% of all profits being added to my annual CPAWS charity donations.

This post is a part of a hidden collection about a charity centred business I launched in 2013/14. The home post is here.