Fresh Earth Apparel


In late 2013 and early 2014 I launched a t-shirt company called Fresh Earth Apparel. This is a collection of some of the web copy, and blog posts from that company.

If you’re curious about some of the other branding, I’ve made a post on my Behance with what remains of the images used in Fresh Earth’s website.

(22/3/’14) Fresh Earths Launch Post

(29/3/’14) Earth Hour. Why Should We Participate?

(11/4/’14) 5 Easy Ways To Help the Planet (Guest Post by Meg Hannon)

(20/4/’14) The Beaver, Unsung Hero of the Rocky Mountains

(27/4/’14) Whale of A Decision, But Who Really Wins Out? (Guest Post by Brad Fisher)

(1/5/’14) Wifi In National Parks? Why Not?

(11/5/’14) Banff’s Beloved Bear #64

The 3 Inaugural T-shirts and Their Product Copy