My name is Kyle.


In June 2013, coping with the realities of post-grad life I decided to pull the trigger on a dream I’d had since finishing high school. I packed my bag and caught a flight to London. I wanted to spend 2 months on the road and scratch an itch I’d had for a while- then settle into my career.

Fast-forward to 3 years later, June 2016. I’m still packing my bag and moving on: from Perth, to Brisbane, then to who knows where.

Reflecting on my time with my backpack, I’ve stopped in places for a bit, but I haven’t stopped moving.

I don’t call it travel anymore. I haven’t been travelling for the past 3 years. I’ve been living. To me, travel is a 21-day journey through Germany experiencing as many cities as you can, or a month-long trip in Japan to snowboard their legendary “champagne powder”.

Tip: if you pronounce "Paris" as "Paree" and you aren't French, nobody in the room will want to talk to you anymore.
Tip: if you pronounce “Paris” as “Paree” and you aren’t French, nobody in the room will want to talk to you anymore.

Living nomadically is stopping, but never intending to stay where you stop. France, New Zealand, Australia, they’ve all been my homes, but they’ve never been a permanent fixture in my life.

I’m extremely lucky, having gone into it without a plan. Without a mound of cash to cruise by on I fell into the nomadic lifestyle. I’ve had to put down roots, usually to get a job of some kind, and by doing this I’ve discovered a more thorough way of traveling. When you stop roving around you spend more time with locals and discover the heartbeat of a place; you become more in tune with your destination.

Of course, I wouldn’t be a proper human roaming away from home if I didn’t keep a blog. Oft neglected and lacking a real direction, it’s a place to put my thoughts, my stories, and my opinions. I hope whoever stumbles across it (that’s you) finds it interesting.

Sometimes it’s weird, thinking about the career I wanted before I packed my bag. But letting go of that life was probably one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made.