Working Online Isn’t A Necessity to Long Term Travel

I don’t make my income online.

I wish I did, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t.

Imagining the freedom that working online gives you is pretty incredible. It gives you the freedom to be able to move to a new place every week if you want to, drifting with the wind.

My biggest regret traveling has always been the fact that when I need money, I need to suck up to someone else and work for them to earn more cash. I like to think my safety net is big enough that if I don’t enjoy my work I can move on, but the looming fact that I need to stop eventually sucks sometimes.

Today I found a new way of thinking about it though. I’ve recently put in my two weeks notice at my current job. I probably could stay a bit longer, but the work isn’t for me, and I have a friend in a different city in New Zealand to go visit. A local friend, who I’d say is a part of my inner circle, a friend I would have never met if I hadn’t worked with her.

So yeah, stopping to work retail and service bites sometimes, and I feel that by the time I get to my 30’s I’ll be sick of it. However, it also gives me the opportunity to connect with people in a way that would be much more difficult if I were working from a laptop in a different coffee shop every week. So maybe the digital nomad life I fantasize about has it’s downs as well. I think my method of slow travel should be embraced too.

…but you know, if you want to hire me for anything online don’t hesitate to give me a shout.


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