Counting Countries

You know I’m called The Count,
because I really love to count.
I could sit and count all day…
…but sometimes I get carried away!
-The Count, Sesame Street-

Yesterday a girl I was chatting with asked me how long I had been travelling, which led to one of those kind of inspiring drunk spiels about how it shouldn’t matter!

My numbers are 20 and 15.

20 months, 15 countries.

Its fascinating to see so much, and spend so much time away. But I’m sure 1 person could spend 20 months travelling and see so much more than me (in fewer countries as well) and someone could also see 15 countries across 15 years and have gained so much more perspective on them, in fact, with a year per country I really hope they do.

It goes both ways. Someone can do a 15 country tour and not learn a damn thing about culture because they have never left their hotel. I’ve also met people who have spent almost their entire 12 month New Zealand trip in a single hostel, and told me (to my confusion) that they were living the dream.

We get carried away with our numbers, and forget that our stories, our experiences, and our life lessons are what should be what defines our travelling. I don’t consider myself a better traveller than someone who spends a month abroad and 12 months at a 9-5, or someone who has just started travelling a month ago. Its all subjective, not objective. Don’t let the size of your trip define your trip.


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