Happy Anniversary!

bagToday has been an active Wednesday: a little hiking, mountain biking, and a trip up Sulphur Mountain.

At the moment I’m in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, whittling down the last few shifts of my temporary work and powering through the touristy stuff that the snow season didn’t allow. In a few days I’ll be hopping on my onward bus, bag in tow.

Today is a special day for my bag and I; it’s our 1-year anniversary together. June 4, 2013 marks the day I took off on the path I’m on now.

Sometimes I’m hesitant to call myself a “full-time traveller”, especially after an 8-month stint in Banff. Until I get back on the road again I’m happy stating that I’ve lived nomadically out of a 53L bag for the past year, something that’s entirely changed my life.

I used to worry about perfecting my wardrobe, keeping interesting books on display, and showing off all my stuff. It’s liberating to wake up, and not worry about the outfit I pull out of my bag. I’m more concerned with hiding my valuables from would-be thieves than displaying ‘The Art of War’, ‘Hey Whipple, Squeeze This’ and ‘The Communist Manifesto’ to show my guests my wide variety of interests. My wardrobe works, because I won’t buy anything if it doesn’t go with absolutely all of my other clothes. My “bookshelf” is important, because I only ever have one or two books at a time now.

My backpack has freed me from the life I once thought I wanted. Every day I wake up and have the opportunity to make whatever I want out of the time I have. Maybe somewhere along the line I’ll see the value in owning more things but this bag is perfect for who I am right now.


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