Preparing to Pack My Bag Again

I’m about to do a second take of this whole travel thing, as much of a second take as you could call it.

I’ve been staying in Banff since mid October, which makes 6 months for those who don’t want to do the math.

6 months is borderline residency. I’m still living out of my trusty 53L backpack, but if it’s gotten a bit heavier since I arrived. I was pretty much flat broke at that time and I got locked into a shitty 35 hour a week position. I’ve been staying long term in a hostel, which is kind of like traveling. But working for a biweekly paycheque to feed yourself is about as close to stagnation as I would like to get.

There is finally a deadline on my time here though.

I booked a ticket to fly out of Vancouver in 2 months, depending on how much time I can afford to take heading west, that gives me roughly a month and a half left.

In Cologne, ready to head for Frankfurt by thumb.
In Cologne, ready to head for Frankfurt by thumb.

Even though I define it as having never stopped traveling, I feel like leaving this town is going to be the start to another trip. I was a lot less organized last time, but I had a lot less at stake as well. Last time, I had 8 grand in the bank, and I somehow managed to make it last for 5 or 6 months. Thats 5 or 6 months only stopping for a few weeks at a time, tops.

The amount of cash aside, the big difference between my last stint traveling and this one comes down to one thing: preparation.

Last time I was clueless. I think I burned through $1000 in my first 6 days. 6 days! I hadn’t even left London! It took me a while to figure out how to book a train, or a bus, or anything really. I almost got stuck there, spending $150 a day. If it weren’t for some extremely helpful hostel staff I might still be there now. I ventured out with a large amount of cash and absolutely no idea what I was doing. But it somehow worked out in the end right?

Last time I ventured away from steady employment I was clueless, had barely enough cash to get by for 4 months, and managed 6 without having to unpack my bag.

This time, I have less in the bank and I hope to stay on the road longer. A lot longer…


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